Joseph aka JhennyArt

I am Joseph aka JhennyArt from Ghana but based in London. In 2017 I travelled through South America and began a T-shirts design company with a friend, purchasable in Amazon Merch, Redbubble and Esty. In 2018 I moved on to creating my own artwork, for the joy of it all. My style grew organically from my most dear interests; Manga, anime, music (kizomba, Salsa, Amapiano, Neo Soul, Hip hop), black culture and shining a positive light on people who use prosthetic Limbs.I started my NFT journey in march 2021 creating and minting artwork on Opensea, foundation and Zora. I am now a member of the Protein, Water&Music, Token Engineering Commons, COLDSCOLLECTIVE DAOs.My previous role I was the lead for communications & marketing at Token Engineering CommonsBelow is are comprehensive resources called the "The Gu1de" tailored for aspiring creators entering the NFT realm. This guide encompasses vital topics including an introduction to NFTs, insights into leading NFT marketplaces, best practices for wallet security, and effective marketing strategies. Dedicated to empowering individuals for success in the digital art frontier."

3D Art & Graphic Design

The Gu1de - Virtual Gallery Platforms

A look at the virtual gallery platforms that allow creators, curators, institutions to showcase artwork in a multitude of ways. From AR, VR and NFTs

The Gu1de - A Marketing guide/tips for NFT creators

Help NFT creators with marketing strategies.

The Gu1de - To smart contracts for Artists & creators

This guide explores the benefits for artists to own their own smart contracts

The Gu1de - Helping artist & collectors use different social media toolkits

The Gu1de, in partnership with @Yaa_Mims, has created this free marketing toolkit to get you started using Twitter and other online tools to engage your audience.Whether you are an NFT artist, curator, collector, or newcomer, you can use social media to establish your own voice and brand.

The Gu1de - Onboarding artist into the NFT space

The Gu1de is a report to help onboard new creators into space. As the proverb says “Alone you can be first but as a community we can go further”, we wanted to share introductory knowledge, explanation and describe a few aspects of the NFT world.

Season 1.5 & 2.0 contributions to Water & Music DAO

Conducted interview as well as helped with documentation and article writing

Planetary Exhibition

The 3D exhibition consisted of Nine pieces highlighting themes of astrology, prosthetics, love, mediation and freedom, to mention a few